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We value our patients' experience at Evergreen Spinal Health Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Timothy Joy
Your Tacoma Chiropractor


Since I started seeing Dr. Joy after a work and auto injury I am on the road to feeling the best I have ever felt. I know that Dr. Joy wants to fix his patients permanently and give them the tools and education to do so. I would recommend Evergreen Spinal Health Center to any and everyone.

Lori G., Dec. ‘08

Doctor Joy and his team do amazing work! Very much oriented towards long term health, rather than short term fixes. Very good at responding to your needs. I could not be happier with the results.

Chris B., July ‘09

I have experienced rather bad back pain for the past 2 years and with Dr. Joy’s help the pain has been significantly reduced, with better posture to boot. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Miguel R., May ‘10

The day after seeing Dr. Joy the numbness in my hand started to subside. Can’t wait for another treatment! He also helped me understand the information surrounding carpal tunnel syndrome and educated me on things that I can do at home to support his treatment.

Ken T., June ‘10

The care is great, the massage is incredible, 5 thumbs up if I had 5 thumbs…. You’re in good hands and can with confidence know that your spinal health needs are being met.

Todd O., October ‘10

Past experiences with chiropractors had left me feeling hopeless and broken. A good friend of mine steered me in the direction of this office, by sharing her story I thought I should try one more time, and happy I did. ESHC is a great office, everyone there is helpful and friendly. Dr. Joy takes his time to explain exactly what he’s doing and why. I really appreciate his honesty and admire his integrity as a Doctor.

Amber P. April ’11

Dr. Joy is very personable and knowledgeable. He explains everything so well and is really interested in helping his patients achieve health & balance through chiropractic care.

Amy S. May ’11

I was referred to Dr. Joy by my daughter, who is a patient, and found him to be as knowledgable and genuine as she had said. After two visits I feel confident that he will solve my neck and spine problems.

T.W. July ’11

This has been my first experience with a chiropractor and I am so very impressed. Dr. Joy is wonderful and Elizabeth gave the best massage ever. I was very confused about my fender-bender situation and everyone in the office, especially Dr. Joy, helped in any way they could. Thank you, and I’ll be seeing much more of this office!!

L.K. September ’11

I recently had a sixty minute massage at Evergreen Spinal Health Center. The staff was very professional and polite. They created a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. I would highly recommend!

Michael H. October ’11

The massage was amazing and very professional. The lady was nice and taught my fiance and I many things about muscles. It was great to feel so relaxed after this hour. Thanks everyone.

Ashlee L. October ’11

Doc Joy understands the problem that is at the source of a chronic headache and is committed to effect the cervical changes that will hopefully give me relief. It’s already working but I know this will not happen overnight. While I have never had massage therapy before, I cannot imagine anyone more skilled, knowledgable and passionate about massage therapy than Elizabeth. I feel fantastic after a massage and wonder why I did not discover this years ago. I am a true believer!

Jim S. November ’11

Jennipher worked out quite a few sore muscles caused by much stress in my life.. 3 kids and husband overseas for over a year.. I am feeling fabulous now!!

Krissy J. January ’12

I was made to feel very comfortable by Jennipher. She approached the massage treatment with professional and respectful behavior, and I was able to completely relax and enjoy a very short hour.

Betty E. January ’12

Jennifer did a great job working on my tight shoulders and upper back; as she predicted I was a bit sore right afterward, but felt a big difference by the next day.

Julie M. February ’12

The hot stone massage was very relaxing, felt so good to have hot stones on your body, and rubbed down with them. I would do it again, but next time, just a regular massage, maybe every other time. The therapist knew exaxtly where all the bad spots were, and got rid of them.

Billie M. February ’12

I had a fantastic massage by Elizabeth who is extremely skilled and capable. I sustained a shoulder injury which I briefly mention in the consult “getting to know you time” and she spent additional quality time in treating it as well as a few other special spots!

D.K. March ’12

Jenn immediately found my knots and worked them out! What nice people and a welcoming office! Loved the heated tables! And they have club where you can sign up for monthly massages!

Juliana S. March ’12

Elizabeth Knows Her Stuff. She is the Rub-Queen, I highly recommend her. Knots in my mid-lower back are greatly relieved after a single massage. What I wouldn’t give for enough time to see her all the time.

Angela M. March ’12

I had a wonderful experience. Got the kinks out and yet felt very relaxed. I will be trying to get back soon. thanks for the great time. I will also be telling my friends in the area.

Phyllis S. March ’12

My massage at Evergreen Spinal Health Center was very professional and was just what I needed, Relaxing and very theraputic. Highly recommended.

Mike F. April ’12

I had a very relaxing massage at Evergreen Spinal Health Center. I had it in the morning and felt relaxed the whole day!

Pamela L  April ’12

I originally went to ESHC after purchasing a Groupon coupon that offered a discounted rate on a single hour long massage. Because I was so satisfied with the experience I opted to read about their discounted multi-massage offers…i.e. “The Rub Club”. When I saw how affordable they were I couldn’t help but sign up for more. I have been grateful ever since. Truly a great value for an excellent service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ESHC.

David S.   April ’12

Elizabeth is one of the top massage therapists I have had and Dr. Joy is amazing. This is the first Chiropractor that I am sure is treating me so I no longer need to see him! I highly recommend Evergreen Spinal Health.

Mark A.   April ’12

I have been going to Evergreen Spinal Health Center for almost two years now. Everyone is friendly and welcoming and the massages are great!

Caroline K.   May ’12

Elizabeth gives the BEST massages to loosen tight muscles, and combined with Dr. Joy’s chiropractic, which is very convenient and effective, I have had great results overcoming chronic pain.

Debbie G.   May ’12

Nikki pays special attention to your problem areas. I feel so much better now. Before my back was all knotted up……not now.

Franchesca R.   June ’12

Dr Joy is very thorough in his approach to diagnosis, devising a treatment plan, and explaining it all to his patients. I received more information from him than any other chiropractor in the 30 years I’ve been getting adjustments. I strongly encourage you to give him a try!

Susan H    July ’12